Friday, March 28, 2008

Now, hackers sneak into govt websites

Remote injection, authorisation bypass and Cult of the Dead Cow are terms that one would imagine keeps the ministry of health awake. But these are elements that make up a wider nightmare, which government departments — from Railways to Trai to Customs — suffer now-a-days. Website hacking, especially of government sites, has attained critical mass in India and the Centre is donning the riot gear. The last few months have seen hackers attack the website of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Indian Railways, Department of Telecom, Air Cargo Customs, National Institute of Social Defence, Forward Markets Commission, National Institute of Health & Family Welfare and BSNL, among others. Ironically, the hackers even disfigured the website of the Department of Information Technology, the nodal agency that is supposed to fight the menace. Hackers have also crashed into the website of the wireless planning and co-ordination wing of DoT, the body which handles spectrum allocation. In a bid to stem the tide, the IT department says it is in the process of hosting all servers of the key ministries in the country itself.

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